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Couples Therapy

Are you feeling loneliness and emotional distance in your relationship?

Do seemingly simple conversations escalate into conflict?

Do you find yourselves having the same draining arguments over and over again?

Or maybe you avoid conflict because you are afraid of feeling uncomfortable, hurt, or rejected?

Are you feeling frustrated, disappointed, resentful about your relationship?

Are you feeling misunderstood by your partner?

Has your sex life become less satisfying or non-existent?

Are you feeling hopeless about the future of your relationship?


  • Feel more emotionally and physically connected to your partner
  • Be more patient and supportive of each other
  • Understand and communicate your needs
  • Listen and understand your partner’s needs, and be able to respond with empathy and validation instead of defensiveness and anger
  • Be able to have calm, engaged, and responsive conversations about difficult topics
  • Feel connected even when you disagree
  • Repair and resolve conflict
  • Peacefully parent together as a team, even when you see things differently
  • Manage relationships with in-laws and extended family
  • Rebuild trust after experiencing infidelity, addiction, or a major secret
  • Decide whether or not to separate

Couples Therapy can help couples dealing
with issues related to:

  • Feeling Disconnected
  • Difficulty Communicating
  • Work / Life / Family Balance
  • Parenting
  • Extended Family
  • Trauma
  • Empty Nest
  • Life Transitions
  • Chronic Illness
  • Blended Families
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity / Cheating
  • Addiction
  • Lack of Intimacy
  • Mismatched sexual desire


    • Focuses on understanding and processing difficult emotions
    • Allows therapist to develop a genuine, empathic connection with both clients
    • Strives to understand each partner, and help make sense of each person’s perspective and experience of the conflict
    • Utilizes a non-blaming stance that avoids finger pointing, taking sides, and labeling anyone as a “crazy person” or “bad guy”
    • Believes all clients are capable of growth and change if they are given positive support and validation
    • Helps partners understand what happens between them that keeps them stuck in repetitive and draining patterns of conflict
    • Improves emotional regulation
    • Improves communication skills
    • Creates safety to talk about painful relationship issues and difficult topics
    • Develops new patterns of emotional responses that help partners feel calm, safe, understood, and connected
    • Develops a strong bond so that the relationship serves as a safe haven and resource that provides comfort and security, and serves as a buffer against the stressors of life

EFT is the gold standard of couples therapy, and is based on the neuroscience of adult attachment. There is a substantial body of rigorous research demonstrating the effectiveness of EFT. Studies have shown that 75% of couples participating in EFT recovered from marital distress at the completion of therapy, and 90% of couples experienced significant improvement. This compares to a 35% recovery rate for couples receiving therapy focusing on behavior change alone.

For more information about EFT, visit iceeft.com.

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14300 N. Northsight Blvd Suite 214
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